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Clean dishes, spot free laundry, hot showers, these are the promises of a water heater. What happens when this promise is broken? The pros at our Montebello water heater repair shop are her to make sure you never have to find out!

Our master plumbers specialize in tank style water heater repair and new water heater installations. We also have a great deal of experience with tankless water heating technology and solar powered water heating systems.

We are comfortable with all major brands and models and have the specialized equipment needed to optimize them all.

one of our Montebello water heater repair pros is installing a new tankless unit
Jake is performing a water heater inspection

There are a few things than can go wrong with your current water heater, and almost all of them are due to improper maintenance.

Our 15 point water heater inspection service targets the major offenders including the thermostat, sacrificial anode, temperature and pressure release valve, heating element or burner assembly and the water inlets.

We Can Repair and Install Any Type Of Water Heaters

We also check for rusting, improperly sealed connections, electrical connection contact and even hot water pipe insulation. Our comprehensive check will identify small problems before they get so large that you will need to replace your entire heater.

Clark is installing a new conventional water heater in Montebello CAIf your water heater is too far gone to save (usually this means that the heating element is compromised or there are significant rust holes), we can help you find the perfect replacement water heater. Depending on the size of your family and your hot water usage habits, you may need a different size tank than you are currently using. You might also benefit from a tankless or solar assisted water heating system. We will sit down with you and discuss the best options for your current and future needs.

If you don't need an emergency water heater replacement, you can schedule a new water heater installation several weeks or months in advance. Booking an appointment in advance will save you considerably over an emergency install – it could even cut the installation price in half.

Even if you think your water heater is in perfect working order, you should inspect it annually. The sacrificial anode should be dropping sediment to the base of your tank and that should result in the need for a sediment flush. Failing to do this can lessen the efficiency of your water heater and cost you extra cash for water heating.

Schedule a water heater inspection today and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing the hot water will be there when you want it. Our Montebello water heater repair specialists are standing by.

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